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We are a Recognized Ministry; Accepted by Schools, Hospitals, Companies, Prisons and Governments. We Provide Our Members, Prisoners & Others in need with official paperwork required or requested for various reasons such as Specific Letters of Proof of Religion, Basic Rastafari Tenets or belief/faith Verification Letter.

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Learn Amharic Online

Learn the Pure Language of the King Of Kings Kingdom!
The Amharic (አማርኛ Amarigna) script is the only pure literature of the African in Africa. As a matter of fact, it is one of the main evidences to support the claim that ETHIOPIA has been the fountain of civilization in Africa. There is no reason why the ETHIOPIAN language can not be taught to every Black person in the world...

Rastafari Prison Ministry

Learn more aboutReligious Accommodation Requests, Hair and or Beard Exemption Requests, Head Covering/Wearing of Caps (Tams) Request, Special Diet (Meals) Request, Vaccination/Immunization Exemption Letters, Community Service Letters.

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Educational Resources

Educational resources page will continue to be updated with the necessary educational resource material needed for your continued studies, ministries and homeschooling activities and courses.

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